Announcing $5.5 Million Expansion

We are excited to announce a $5.5 Million investment at our aluminum recycling facility in Rosemount, MN. The investment will add jobs, expand recycling capabilities and improve melting safety and efficiency - reducing gas and electricity needed in the recycling process. The project, which will be implemented by mid 2018, includes a new building addition which will house a 21 Ton rotary furnace capable of melting a wide range of aluminum scrap types. It will incorporate state of the art technology, including a filtration plant that will reduce emissions from the recycling process.

We are now hiring to fill 10+ new full time production and maintenance positions as a result of this expansion. Spectro plant employees average over $50,000 in gross wages, with excellent health benefits, 401k matching and profit sharing bonuses. The planned expansion has received support from the State of Minnesota's Job Creation Fund, which provides a grant once investment and job creation goals are met. 

This investment will allow us to recycle a wider range of locally and regionally sourced aluminum products, improving the environmental footprint of recycling in Minnesota even further.  We are committed to investing in programs and technology that support the domestic aluminum supply chain, build value for our customers and suppliers, and improve our environment. This is phase 1 of a multi-year investment plan aimed at achieving those goals. Much more to come...

Luke Palen


Spectro Alloys Corp

About Spectro Alloys: Recycling at Spectro take 95% less energy than smelting new aluminum - that's enough energy annually to power every home in Minneapolis. It also reduces CO2 emissions equivalent to taking over 80,000 cars off the road.* The aluminum recycled at Spectro Alloys is shipped to regional die casters and foundries and made into new products like lawn mower engines,  ATV components, car parts and more. Spectro Alloys strengthens the local economy, supporting hundreds of jobs and providing recycled raw materials for Minnesota’s manufacturers.

*Energy/CO2 savings compared to producing virgin aluminum. Click here for citation.