As leaders in the aluminum recycling industry, the Spectro Alloys team believes it is our duty to set the example for socially responsible environmental stewardship. We are committed to meeting or exceeding enivronmental laws, regulations and corporate goals, and we will continue to invest in innovative technologies, programs and partnerships that enhance the positive impacts of recycling at Spectro Alloys.

  • We pledge to reduce pollution by managing our materials, processes and people in a responsible manner, thereby protecting the environment.

  • We will expand the positive impacts of aluminum recycling, producing products with reduced emissions, reduced waste generation and reduced energy consumption.

  • We will strive to be global leaders in aluminum recycling by continuously improving our processes and procedures.

Compared to primary aluminum production, the aluminum recycling process uses over 90% less energy and releases 4.09 tons less CO2 for every ton of metal produced(a,b). Here’s our current annual contribution to energy, CO2 and landfill space savings:

The positive impact, in perspective:

  • Aluminum recycling at Spectro Alloys saves enough energy to power over 200,000 homes(c). That’s more homes than in the entire city of Minneapolis(e).

  • Aluminum recycling at Spectro Alloys reduces Green House Gas emissions equivalent to taking over 80,000 cars off the road(d).

  • Recycling at Spectro Alloys saves enough aluminum from landfills to fill a box the size of a football field and nearly 300 feet high every year.

We are proud to be leaders in an industry that so significantly reduces the impact of humans on the environment. Being industry leaders means breaking new ground and adopting the latest technology. This process is central to achieving our long term environmental stewardship goals, but it is not risk free. In the past we have been cited by the EPA for emissions violations. Please read our response.

More information and statistics: