At Spectro Alloys, we don’t just produce and sell aluminum – we provide solid sourcing solutions. Our market knowledge can help you save money and gain an edge over your competition. We offer a full range of AA specification die cast and foundry alloys, as well as lower cost alternatives like Custom Clean Charge (CCC), NASAAC and RSI. We service customers regionally and internationally, from one stack at a time to dozens of loads per week.

Your Questions

  • How can I lower my aluminum costs?
  • What alternatives do I have to spec material?
  • Can I reliably meet my customer’s expectations with lower cost input material?
  • What investment is required before I can utilize alternatives to spec material?
  • How do I take advantage of opportunities when market conditions change?

Our Solutions

  • Flexible Metal Procurement
  • Hedging Solutions
  • Technical Support
  • Scrap Blending Program Implementation
  • Price Risk Management
  • Market Intelligence
  • Scrap Tolling or Purchasing

The Recycling Process