For Suppliers

Respect, honesty and integrity are core values at Spectro Alloys. We pride ourselves on building trust and strong personal relationships with you, our valued vendors.

You can expect fair pricing, fair treatment and a consistent, reliable market for all of your scrap aluminum. We offer competitive prices on nearly all grades of secondary aluminum scrap, even for mixed truck loads.

For Suppliers

Thinking Green

Aluminum recycling at Spectro saves enough energy to power over 200,000 homes. We've got you covered, Minneapolis.

Aluminum recycling at Spectro reduces Green House Gas emissions equivalent to taking over 80,000 cars off the road.

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For Customers

At Spectro Alloys, we don’t just sell aluminum – we provide solid sourcing solutions. Our market knowledge can help you save money and gain an edge over your competition.

We offer a full range of AA specification die cast and foundry alloys, as well as lower cost alternatives like NASAAC and RSI. We service customers regionally and internationally, from one stack at a time to dozens of loads per week.

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