Spectro Alloys Corporation operates one of the highest efficiency, large volume aluminum recycling plants in the United States. Since 1973 we've been servicing large, medium and small foundries and die casters who turn to us for their high quality aluminum alloys.

We offer a full range of AA specification die cast and foundry alloys, as well as lower cost alternatives like Custom Clean Charge, NASAAC and RSI. We service customers regionally and internationally, from one stack at a time to dozens of loads per week. Additionally, our technology and expertise enable us to fit the chemistry of each alloy to your individual requirements. Constant improvements in all steps of our process - from scrap segregation, sorting, shredding and drying, to continuous casting and CCC production - have made us leaders in the aluminum recycling process.

Our mission is to provide better solutions through innovative recycling processes. We focus as a team to be leaders with integrity, responsive to our customers, suppliers, our environment and our country.

Our Core Values

  • We put Safety and People First
  • We always demonstrate Respect, Honesty, Integrity
  • We are People Who Care and practice Servant Leadership
  • We have a Passion for Growth and Continuous Improvement