Respect, honesty and integrity are core values at Spectro Alloys. We pride ourselves on building trust and strong personal relationships with you, our valued vendors. You can expect fair pricing and fair treatment and a consistent, reliable market for all of your scrap aluminum. We are consumers and worldwide brokers of all types of aluminum, so we can access the best markets and highest prices for your scrap, even for mixed truck loads.

Scrap We Buy

  • Cast Aluminum

  • Old Sheet Aluminum

  • Auto Rims (Plus chrome and truck rims)

  • Extrusions (Irony and 10/10)

  • MLCC and Segregated Clips

  • Radiators (Al/Cu and Aluminum)

  • Painted Aluminum Siding

  • Turnings (Loose and Pucked)

  • Twitch

  • Tweak

  • Zorba

  • RSI

Scheduling Deliveries

All deliveries to Spectro Alloys are by appointment only and must be scheduled with your buyer. Deliveries are scheduled as appointments are available and as scrap is needed.

To reach our Traffic Office about a delay in delivery, call 651-480-6105 or e-mail To get directions to our plant, click here.

Packaging Requirements

Packaging: Items can be sent baled, boxed or loose. Please avoid stuffing any loose items on top or between other packaged items. When stacking bales of scrap two or more high please make sure the bales are level and will not shift during transport. Gaylord boxes and bales can be stabilized by placing an extra pallet on top of the lower package before adding the second box on top. Please no more than two high. No briquettes or tightly compacted bales or oversize material.  

Tagging: All items must be tagged with a description of the commodity that corresponds to an item on the purchase order, as well as the gross, tare and net weights.

Load Layout Form: All mixed loads must have a load layout sketch sent along with the packing list, indicating the location of each type of material on the truck. The package count must correlate correctly with the packing list.

Settlement Process

We scale every load and pay our weights. All moisture, dirt, non-melts, breakage, stainless and iron will be deducted from payable weights unless specifically allowed on your PO. We provide a detailed settlement report with your check, and it is available from your buyer at any time.  Any freight cost associated with rejected material is the responsibility of the vendor.

Vendor Resources

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