Gallery: Our New Sorting System

Months of planning and millions of dollars of investment came to fruition this summer with the commissioning of our state of the art scrap sorting system. Thanks to all of our valued employees and vendors who helped us get up and running. Enjoy the slideshow!


Our Goals

  • Lower market risk. By opening the door to additional high volume scrap streams, Spectro can reduce market risks associated with scrap availability
  • Capture value. By sorting the scrap before melting, we can optimize chemistries and value in our furnaces
  • Improve plant efficiency. By sorting and removing dirt and contaminants on the front end, we can reduce costs for all downstream processes
  • Eliminate hazardous waste. The sorting system will remove heavy metals from the scrap stream before they can be concentrated in downstream processes

Project Milestones

  • April 23 - Break Ground on Main Building
  • May 4 - First Concrete Poured
  • June 4 - Equipment Install Begins
  • June 29 - Commissioning Begins
  • July 6 - Dry Trial Runs
  • July 8 - Wet Trial Runs
  • July 13 - Operating 24/7


  • Improved scrap supply base has help us weather the recent commodities slump
  • Plant efficiency is improving and cost/lb is decreasing
  • In Q4 2015 Spectro Alloys generated NO Hazardous Waste!