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Spectro Alloys Corporation is a leading consumer of scrap aluminum and operates one of the highest efficiency, large volume aluminum smelting plants in the United States. Since 1973 we’ve been servicing large, medium and small foundries and die casters in the Midwest, who regularly turn to us for their purchases of consistently high quality aluminum alloys. However, the actual market for our products is national and international in scope. We currently provide a steady market for volume to both our scrap aluminum suppliers and ingot customers.

We produce all of the most commonly used aluminum alloys for die casting, foundry alloys, permanent mold and invest cast. Additionally, our technology and expertise enable us to produce the chemistry of each alloy in order to fit your individual requirements.

Constant improvements in all steps of our processes from scrap segregation, shredding and drying to tolling continually redefine our level of operational excellence and have made us leaders in throughput process.

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