At Spectro Alloys, we don’t just produce and sell aluminum – we provide solid sourcing solutions. Our market knowledge can help you save money and gain an edge over your competition. We offer a full range of AA specification die cast and foundry alloys, as well as lower cost alternatives like NASAAC and RSI. We service customers regionally and internationally, from one stack at a time to dozens of loads per week.

Your Questions

  • How can I lower my aluminum costs?
  • What alternatives do I have to spec material?
  • Can I reliably meet my customer’s expectations with lower cost input material?
  • What investment is required before I can utilize alternatives to spec material?
  • How do I take advantage of opportunities when market conditions change?

Our Solutions

  • Flexible Metal Procurement
  • Hedging Solutions
  • Technical Support
  • Price Risk Management
  • Market Intelligence
  • Scrap Tolling or Purchasing

The Recycling Process