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Unparalled Service

We realize we are in business primarily to serve aluminum users.  We are a low-cost producer and believe we serve you best by our commitment to operational excellence.

From the fundamental understanding and commitment, our entire company has organized itself around responsiveness to our customers and their needs.  It is our prime mission to add value to your business and delight you with our service.

That is why we operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week…why members of our technical maintenance staff are always on duty… why we have designed our capabilities around our customers’ SPC requirements… why we offer just-in-time delivery… why we utilize LTL shipments to smaller customers…and why we maintain inventories of the most common alloys.

We produce all of the most commonly used aluminum alloys: for die coating, foundry alloys, permanent mold and invest cast.  Additionally, our technology and expertise enable us to produce the chemistry of each alloy in order to fit your individual requirements.

This capability gives you a custom supplier with the flexibility and willingness to properly serve you.

The following are MSDS Sheets available for download:

Aluminum Alloy A 242
Aluminum Alloy 319
Aluminum Alloy 319 SR
Aluminum Alloy 332 R 1191
Aluminum Alloy 333
Aluminum Alloy 333 SR
Aluminum Alloy 355
Aluminum Alloy 355 SR
Aluminum Alloy 356
Aluminum Alloy 356 SR
Aluminum Alloy 360
Aluminum Alloy 380
Aluminum Alloy 380-1
Aluminum Alloy 380-3
Aluminum Alloy 383
Aluminum Alloy 413
Aluminum Alloy ALSI 10 Mg
Aluminum Processing By Products DROSS

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