Aluminum Recyclers Council Board Sets Summer Agenda

June 18, 2018; Wauconda, IL -- The Aluminum Recyclers Council (ARC) Board of Directors met in Rosemont, IL, in June to outline their summer agenda.  The actions laid out by the Board will move forward ARC’s aggressive objectives for the Council and industry. 

Luke Palen, ARC’s Chairman, stated, “The Council has done a good job of letting the industry know we have assembled this Council.  Now, we are ready to make our voice heard.”  The Council will be issuing statements and creating offerings for their members in the coming weeks and months.

Mark Buchner, the Vice Chair of the Recyclers Council, added, “Our strategy is to promote the use of recycled aluminum, protect our industry from external threats, and become better at what we do.”  To this end, the Council will be releasing its position paper, timely press releases, two industry webinars, and conducting an inaugural trip to Washington D.C.

The Council has been on the record about its desire to increase the domestic consumption of aluminum scrap generated in the United States.  Mr. Palen continued, “We believe it is imperative our government understand the economic and sustainability benefits of consuming our domestically generated scrap.  The savings in energy costs alone should spur public policies that encourage domestic consumption. So, we plan to make our voice heard amongst the policy makers in our Nation’s Capital.”

Furthermore, ARC plans to hold two webinars in the coming months.  The first will articulate ARC’s positions and its importance to the industry.  The second will speak to safety issues and practices within our industry.  This is a key benefit to all companies in the recycling industry.

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