Expansion Update with Congressman Jason Lewis

It has taken a lot of effort and planning by everyone involved, but we have reached the starting line of actual construction here at Spectro! Thank you to our employees, vendors, contractors, and city and state officials who have all been working hard with us to make the Spectro Alloys “Phase 1” expansion plan a reality. We've made it to the point where the hardest work begins.

Our Congressman, Jason Lewis, was on site this morning to learn about aluminum recycling, tour the plant, and discuss the expansion. Our State Senator, Greg Clausen, was here last month for the same reason. It feels great to have support at the city, state, and national level for improving aluminum recycling in Minnesota!

I am excited about this project for many reasons.  It represents the start of a new chapter for Spectro – including new employees, new potential customers and suppliers, and new ways to improve service for our existing customers and suppliers. It will dramatically improve efficiency, shorten lead times, and allow us to recycle a stream of material generated locally that currently can’t be processed in MN or anywhere nearby. Most importantly, this state of the art technology will help us improve safety and add even more environmental benefits to the process of recycling aluminum in Minnesota. Today, the environmental benefits of recycling aluminum at Spectro save enough energy to power every home in Minneapolis, and the CO2 savings were the equivalent of taking 80,000 cars off the road.  Those enormous environmental benefits will be even greater come June!    

I wanted to share the “before” pictures. It’s probably fitting that it’s a cold, dreary day today - but more than just the weather will be improving over the next few months:


Please stay tuned to our Spectro Alloys Blog for progress updates as our plant changes dramatically over the next few months. Thank you again to our stakeholders for your support and all of your hard work to make this project go!


Luke Palen


Spectro Alloys